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Helping Bekah Go Natural And Beat Cancer!

Thanks to your amazing support, we were able to hit out $500 goal for Bekah's treatment in order to beat cancer! 




Bekah was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28. She had a double mastectomy to be sure that it would not come back – leaving her safe and clear from any signs of cancer for the next seven years… Until she was diagnosed again. This time is much more serious as it has metastasized and is Stage 4. Doctors advised her to do chemotherapy again but they only give her 3-5 years to live... 10 at best - but this answer was not what she hoped for.


Bekah felt her only option was to battle it on her own and take a more natural route. This, however, is not covered under insurance and is very expensive. Insurance won't cover the cost unless it’s radiation or chemotherapy, so Bekah has been forced to drain all the savings she had to get rid of the tumors. To date, one tumor has completely vanished, all due to her Vitamin C mega doses and strict juicing diet, but there are still other tumors to get rid of (though hey are stable and tiny based on scans). Now, doctors are recommending Bekah to do SOME chemo and nothing else, but as you can see, this has been mostly God’s act and her natural treatment what has saved her.


Bekah's Natural Treatment



We'll Donate
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It is her hope to have enough funds to continue the Vitamin C and juices to eliminate the other tumors and one day live a healthy, normal life again. That is why our agency is on a mission to raise funds for Beka's treatment and help her beat Cancer again!



Our agency will donate $10 to Bekah on your behalf for every recommendation you send our way to receive a no obligation quote, and we'll add you to our monthly drawing for a $50 Gift Card. Getting involved has never been so simple, or Free!

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